Outdoor Refractor Telescope With Tripod - Gadget 23
Outdoor Refractor Telescope With Tripod - Gadget 23

Outdoor Refractor Telescope With Tripod

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Large objective lens, wide field of view, better light, this telescope is an excellent choice for all astronomy lovers, cultivate children's interest.
Ergonomic design, adjustable focusing, shortened cylinder mirror, larger diameter, more convenient to observe, easier to access.
Fixed tripod design, the joint part can rotate 360 degrees, you can rotate wherever you want to observe.
This telescope is designed for beginners, and the multi magnification eyepiece allows lovers to experience the fun of astronomy.
340 degrees vertical rotate, which is more convenient for children to observe objects in different angles.
Focusing tube, according to the principle of total reflection of light, the prism has a higher surface accuracy.
Equipped with compass, easy to observe the space and nature.

Warm prompt:
This telescope is clear and easy to use, it is great astronomical telescope for students to get started.
The telescope is for beginners, when children learn to operate skillfully, you can change some of the accessories into professional grade, so that it can become a professional astronomical telescope.

Optical system: refraction type
Product magnification: 20x/30x/40x
Objective port: 50mm/1.96in
Including: 1 X telescope main tube, 3 X multi magnification eyepieces,  1 X stretchable tripod.