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Gadget 23

60X Mobile Phone Microscope Magnifier

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  • 🌹 {Adjustable focus} Built-in light source illumination, free from ambient light when used, use a clip to quickly and easily connect to the phone's camera
  • 🌹 {Ultra large magnification} 60 times magnification, the observation is fresh and accurate, accompanied by an ultraviolet light bulb, which can be used to quickly identify the authenticity of banknotes.
  • 🌹 {New design} The switch is novel and integrated with the product itself. The switch panel has a large area and a toothed groove. The switch is easy to slip and easy to use.
  • 🌹 {A wide range of applications} for biology, jewelry, coins, stamps, antiques, precision parts, circuit boards, etc.
  • 🌹 {Lightweight and portable} The product comes with a small bag that can be used for daily storage and is easy to carry.