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Gadget 23

Mini Metal Flash Drive Key Ring

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1. Fashion: Appearance of a stylish metallic design, durable popular texture.

2. Waterproof: it can be used normally after soaking in water for 24 hours.

3. Anti-magnetic: can resist up to 10 times the magnetic force.

4. Cold resistance and heat resistance: can withstand -25 degrees -85 degrees high temperature environment.

5. Anti shock and anti fall: anti shock effect of resisting external pressure.


Support Multi-devices such as tablet, phone, computer,let the files on the phone to a more direct view shared computer.





Read-only disk: Read-only

Encryption Disk: USB Encryption

Undeletable: Undeletable

Size:  39mm*12mm*4.5mm

Memory: 1TB

Package Included:
1* U disk