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Waterproof Pet GPS Collar Tracker

Gadget 23

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Double Mode Design: Mode one, standby 7-8 hours, the tracker will generally update pet dog`s location within 1 minute by standard model; mode two, standby 2-3 days, the tracker will generally update pet dog`s location within 30 minute by default model . 
Family Number: Not only use fitness tracker for small pets,  but also put the guardian's cell phone number to keep in touch thru best pet tracker, it can set 7 family numbers totally, wireless smart pet tracker will trace pet step tracker. 
Electric Fence: Setting an area around locator, alarming immediately when the pet getting in or out the area. Put a electric fence name and set in or out the fence alarm for live pet tracker. 
Callback Function: Setting the callback number. And cllck the "sure" button. The best location wireless smart GPS tracker will automatically call to the phone number you set.  
Historical Track: Record the pet tracking within 3 months. You can check your pet's walk's route easily. Firewall Setting: Factory setting is closed, open this function, to help the device avoiding crank call