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Gadget 23

Multifunctional Counting Push Up Board

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Push-Up Rack Board Training Abdominal Muscle Building Exercise Sport Workout Home Fitness Gym Equipment 
1. Lengthen and widen, strengthen muscle strength, exercise in four zones, and the muscle lines of each part are clearer
2. Intelligent counting exercise is more worry-saving, intelligent
display of the number of push ups, reasonable planning of training
effect, twice the result with half the effort
3. 1 + 4 whole body
exercise can meet different training, and the multifunctional auxiliary
tension rope can practice all parts of the whole body
4. The folding
design is portable and convenient for storage. It is portable and
portable. It can be folded and stored after use.

Material: ABS
Size: 87cmx43cmx20cm/34*17*7.87in
Bearing: up to 600kg