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Gadget 23

Steampunk LED Luminous Bluetooth Headset Smart Mask

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 A new era of smart Shield has emerged, combining face technology with integrated audio engineering. Stay safe while looking stylish at the same time with the High-tech Face Shield.

This wearable does more than keep bacteria and viruses away from your nose and mouth; it includes noise-canceling headphones. So you can listen to your music while you travel.


Moreover, this high-tech face Shield includes LED lights to add an eccentric touch when you walk the streets at night.

Because ventilation is important in a face Shield, the High-tech Face Shield includes three-speed fans to keep you cool in warmer environments and during all-day wear. This design will hopefully help keep your glasses steam-free, too.



✔ ANC Bluetooth® 5.0 Earbuds

✔ On/Off noise cancellation mode

✔ Ambient sound mode

✔ Hi-Fi sound Quality

✔ Qualcomm QCC5124 Chipset

✔ The magnetic earbud docking system


✔ Rechargeable batteries

✔ Up to 7 hours battery life

✔ LED lights indicate charge

✔ Low battery voice prompt & indicator light


✔ Active Fan HEPA System

✔ Adjustable airflow control

✔ Innovative replaceable monthly filters

✔ Pleated HEPA air filters

Pass international safety certification

Use safe, skin -friendly ingredients

Package includes

  • High-tech Face Shield x1 (Ordinary Mask)