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Mini Air Conditioner Fan

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Product Details: Home Air Conditioner Air Cooler Fan Portable 3 Modes Water Cooling Fan For Room Office Bedroom Mobile Air Conditioner Product Type:Air Conditioner Material: Plastic Air Conditioner Size: 6.5 x 5.6 x 9.5 inch Air Conditioner Noise: 30dB Voltage: 5V Water Tank Capacity: 700ml Feature 1:Mini Air Conditioner Feature 2:Home Air Conditioner Feature 3:Portable Air Conditioner Feature 4:Car Air Conditioner Portable Air Conditioning has 700ML large water tank A personal air conditioner air cooler is a portable, compact air conditioner that cools, cleans and moisturizes the air around you-wherever you are. With its help you will create a comfortable temperature even on the hottest days. Just add some water, press 1 button and enjoy cool air. The secret of the device is hydrocooling technology using a special filter that turns hot air into a pleasant cool breeze. Air cooler is powered by USB, so it is very convenient to use in the workplace. You can connect it to your office computer and enjoy cool on a hot day. The device can work from the network, the length of the cord is 150 cm (the adapter is not included), as well as from the external battery. The water cooling system of the personal air conditioner air cooler not only cools, but also cleans, and moisturizes the air. Just add water, press the button, relax and enjoy the cooling breeze. The device takes up a minimum of space and consumes little energy. Four Soft pads at the bottom of the freshener fix the device, thus providing a stable position on a smooth surface. Package Includes: 1 * Mini Air Conditioner 1 * USB Cable 1 *