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Zero Gravity Scorpion Gaming Chair Station

Ordinarie pris $5,000.00 USD
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  1. This Scorpion Gaming Chair Station combines futuristic design, exquisite appearance, luxurious and comfortable seat-ing together for an extravagant experience everyday while you work or game. Scorpion Gaming Chair provides an overabundance of features including mas-saging and tiltable seating, LED lighting and much more that will make stay-at-home a welcoming experience. The "Zero-Gravity" position causes no fatigue to user's neck or back, thus user will enjoy longer immersive ex-periences.The same position will also be perfect for taking a nap, reading a book, or whatever suits the user's desire.

    Three-year warranty. Long-term parts replacement and upgrade service.

    8 structural systems
    54 mechanical components
    470 laser cut parts
    Approximately 5,000 TIG welding points Approx. 50,000 CAD design nodes

    16-color RGB LED built in 16 color RGB LED 300 beads 90w power. Including light remote control, free color selection and automatic switching of 4 color breathing light modes.